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A Quinta da Auga Signature Spa Therapies  features a wide range of treatments , massages and therapies which combines the best of East and West traditions together in a true luxury Spa in Santiago de Compostela , Galicia.

The spa treatments and therapies respond to A Quinta da Auga Relais&Châteaux philosophy: personalized expreiences and maximum attention to detail.

The soul of our therapies is the purification and detoxification to get the maximum benefit from the treatment. All our spa treatments includes essential oils, aromatherapy and natural cosmetics and our luxury biological cosmetics lines.

Consult our therapists the best suited treatment for you and live an authentic experience of well-being and total relaxation.

A Quinta da Auga Experiences include the Flotarium-Dead Sea session where one is swept away from reality experiencing the zero gravity, a sense of deep relaxation before you start the rest of the customized therapy.


Exquisite  therapy  that  follows  the  mechanism  of  theTraditional  Chinese  Medicine’s  moxibustion,  basedon   the   transmission   of   thermal   energy   through mineral  rocks.  A  unique  experience  with  volcanic clay compresses rich in minerals such as potassium,
sodium,   calcium,   magnesium,   silicon   and   trace elements such as lithium and selenium.

Shi  Tou  A  Quinta  da  Auga  combines  a  variety  of therapeutic  sequences  that  stimulate  the  muscular, circulatory  and  lymphatic  systems,  using  energy meridians and acupuncture points.

An authentic journey that promotes an integral senseof well-being.

90 minutes.

A Quinta da Auga Journey Spa Therapy - 90 minutes

Let  yourself  go  with  our  unique  ‘A  Quinta  da  Auga’ journey.  A  journey  that  begins  before  your  therapy and continues long after your Spa experience...

A  therapy  that  combines  the  curative  qualities  of water,  earth  and  touch.  The  journey  begins  with the  A  Quinta  floatation  therapy  to  induce  a  sense  of liberation,  followed  by  a  body  exfoliation  using  the highly  nourishing  properties  of  bamboo  combined with  a  relaxing  body  massage. 

The  powerful  effects of the crystals used will leave you profoundly relaxed yet rejuvenated.

This  journey  will  wrap  you  up  with  a  unique  sense of magic.

90 minutes

Real Experience A Quinta da Auga Spa Therapy - 90 minutes

A  Signature  Therapy  where  in  addition  to  a  full body  massage,  you  will  enjoy  the  relaxing  effects of our A Quinta floatation therapy at the beginning of your journey.

A  massage  that  begins  from  your  head  and  finishes at  your  feet,  fusing  traditional  aromatherapy  with the  best  of  massage  practices  from  East  and  West.

Carefully applied pressures on the energy Chakras and vertebral column stimulate the nervous system while Swedish  and  neuromuscular  massage  techniques support  healthy  circulation  and  soothe  the  body.  To finish  off,  the  pressure  point  massage  on  your  feet balances the effects of the therapy leaving you with a sense of relaxation and well-being.

A  journey  that  eases  away  the  day’s  stresses  and strains and brings body and mind back into balance.

90 minutes

Signature Spa Therapies A Quinta da Auga




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